Hello, I am GUAN YU Chen

My name includes the character "宇". In Chinese, "宇" has a vast and infinite meaning. It represents the boundlessness and endless possibilities of the universe. Everything starts from a tiny speck of light, expanding and filling with unknowns and potentials. Every action is the beginning of a small universe, filled with boundless creativity and hope.

I possess ideas and techniques in visual design, interaction design, and web development.

Proficient in graphic design, interface design, and user experience design. Through situational research, I explore different interactive patterns or technologies, applying the appropriate media and means for design. My main outputs are product designs (apps, web pages) and CIS corporate identity designs. Design is both my profession and passion. I constantly listen to needs, use creativity to propose solutions to problems. For me, design is a process that can change and shape our environment. I believe design helps us discover and realize our thoughts and values. Product design is also a medium connecting the designer and the user, establishing mutual understanding, respect, and dependency. In this relationship, we can foster communication and collaboration, creating better designs and user experiences.


Visual Communication Design

National Taiwan University of Arts


UI/UX Designer

LiveIn Technology

AI Device Development



NTUA Minecraft Server


NTUA Visual Communication Design Exhibition 111th Academic Year

Excellent Selection

THEF2E 2022

Merit Award