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I am Chen Guanyu and I specialize in graphic design, interface design, and user experience design. Through contextual research, I explore different interaction modes or technologies and apply suitable media and methods to design. My main outputs are product design (applications, web pages) and CIS corporate identity design. Design is my profession and also my interest. I continuously listen to the needs and offer creative solutions to problems.

To me, design is a process that can change and shape the environment we live in. I believe that design can help us discover and realize our own ideas and values. Product design is also a medium that connects designers and users. Through designing products, we can establish a social relationship of mutual understanding, respect, and interdependence. In such a relationship, we can promote communication and cooperation, thus creating better designs and user experiences.

Guan Yu


#Visual Communication
#UI/UX Design
Skilled in crafting varied graphic designs, I focus on the overall narrative and meaning. I see design as targeted, impactful, and a potent communication tool, not just decoration.
Work Experience
UI Designer

LiveIn Technology

2020.9 - now


NTUA Minecraft Server

2021.3 - 2023.1

Graphic Designer

QSAN Technology

2020.6 - 2020.9

THEF2E 2022

Merit Award


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